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  • Om Symbol Pendant - My Green Heart
  • Om Symbol Pendant - My Green Heart
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Peter Stone

Om Symbol Pendant

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Want to sum up all the words used in language in a charming silver pendant?

This sterling silver pendant shows the Om symbol

Nickel free

Approximately 3.1cms in height.

This pendant does not come with a chain but we sell them separately here.


Tell Me More..

The "Om" symbol is found in a wide variety of places. 

"Om" (aum) is considered the most sacred Hindu mantra, appearing at the beginning and end of many Sanskrit prayers and texts.

Because it's seen in so many places, it seems like the symbol's true meaning isn't understood by the majority of people using it. If you're going to use this sacred symbol, it's really important you understand the meaning of Om.

It isn't just a word we chant at the beginning and end of our yoga classes; there is so much more to it.

AUM is representative of the 3 Fold Division of Time/the three sounds that make up Om:

A (ahh): the waking state

"Ahh" represents the creation of the universe and all it entails physically and connects you to your ego. This syllable lets you experience the world's complete existence with your senses.

As you chant, the "ahh" sound originates from the throat and the back of the mouth where your tongue is rooted, allowing the sound to vibrate deep in your abdomen.

U (ooh): the dream state

This is the sound that highlights the energy of the universe and the patterns of your mind. "Ooh" connects you to your inner sense of understanding there's something greater than your physical body.

It brings lightness, clarity, goodness, and balance into you.

M (mmm): the state of deep sleep

The "mmm" sound represents the universe's energy and the thoughts and beliefs that make up your entire being. "Mmm" unifies you with oneness so you feel connected to everything that exists (both tangible and intangible).

There's a fourth sound associated with Om, and it's often overlooked. When you chant, there's a silence after "mmm". If you've taken part in chanting Om, then you know exactly what this is.

It's that moment where the room is silent but there's a vibration taking place inside each and every person in the room. It highlights the pure consciousness of the Self, unifying Sat Chit Ananda: I exist, I know, I am blissful.

The use of Om varies depending on the source, but there is one thing for certain: you cannot and will not get the full experience of Om unless you actually chant it.

You can read all you want, but until you feel the vibrations move through your entire body, you won't experience the completeness of it.

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Om Symbol Pendant
Lovely pendant.