My Blue Heart Projects

My Blue Heart have six projects, which are as follows:

Project Litter, Project Recycle, Project Seabed, Project Toxic, Project Tanks and Project Ocean.

Project Litter

Cleaning Up The Beaches and Rivers


Project Recycle

Art-Based Education and Site Visits


Project Seabed

Cleaning Up The Seabed and Riverbed


  • Posting regularly on social media platforms. Posting videos of the My Blue Heart ‘Project Seabed’ scuba diving experiences. Showing the litter found on the seabed or the metal detecting treasures found by the ‘Blue Heart Treasure Hunter’.
  • Regularly uploading posters to social media using litter found on the seabed to make an art-based impact image. Posting on Facebook, Instagram and the website.
  • Educating the public via art-based images about global warming, coral bleaching, bycatching and littering.


  • Seabed Cleans – Performing and recording regular scuba dives, litter picking the seabed as a closed event.
  • ‘Blue Heart Treasure Hunter’ - Performing and recording scuba dives, metal detecting on the seabed or beach as a closed event.
  • Individual surveys to be carried out per dive, along with video footage to pick up any problematic areas. Surveys will be actioned, notifying officials if needed. Repeat dives to the same area if necessary.
  • All litter found will be correctly recycled and disposed of.
  • All items found on treasure hunts will be returned to original owners, recycled or sold - money received will be donated to My Blue Heart.
  • During the scuba dives, to record any evidence of animal cruelty or habitat destruction to share with the public, use to educate or keep as evidence.


  • 60p For The Sick Sea - Posters and Donorbox donations.
  • Pound For The Proper Plastic Problem - Posters and Donorbox donations.
  • Blue Heart Treasure Hunter - Uploading on YouTube channel
  • Proper Plastic Problem - Sharing all plastic items found on social medias to educate the public. 
Project Toxic

Cleaning Up The Seabed or Riverbed

Project Tanks

Cleaning Up The Seabed or Riverbed

Project Ocean

Cleaning Up The Seabed or Riverbed