My Blue Heart-Marine Conservation

My Blue Heart - Marine Conservation is a small UK-based non-profit organisation, with six projects in place to help protect marine life.

We plan events such as: beach cleans, river cleans, recycling projects and data collection. My Blue Heart is developing vital partnerships with schools and colleges to educate young people and encourage them to engage in marine-positive activities from an early age.

Using a range of social media platforms, we also create educational art which teaches the importance of recycling and the consequences of littering.


The ocean is extremely fascinating and the most mysterious place on earth. The ocean is filled with endless beauty and life, that even today there is still so much we have not explored yet. Over 70% of the earth is covered by ocean, which plays a vital part in producing the oxygen we breathe and absorbing carbon dioxide.

We must respect it and protect it.

We regularly blog our progress with our projects and the challenges we face trying to make a difference. We aim to open the eyes of others through art based education, using posters with an impact. Most of our posters will be on social media such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. Our projects will be carried out peacefully through positive action.   

Our Six Projects:

Project Recycle, Project Litter, Project Seabed, Project Toxic, Project Tanks and Project Ocean.


My Blue Heart organise regular beach cleans and river cleans, we plan eco-friendly educational events and help many other marine conservation causes with a similar aim.
You can help with our marine conservation goals by simply switching some of your everyday used items. Use an eco-friendly alternative, for example washing detergents, cleaning chemicals, carrier bags and other plastic or chemicals.
For more eco-friendly products take a moment to look through the My Green Heart shop. Make sure you look out for our Ocean Love stickers as My Green Heart will donate a percentage to My Blue Heart-Marine Conservation.
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We can make a difference today together.
Here at My Blue Heart we appreciate all donations.
If you would like to DONATE to My Blue Heart Marine Conservation, to help support our projects please follow the link below:

Every single penny matters.

Did you know?  You can donate as little as 60p to support our campaigns and projects.


‘Spare 60p For The Sick Sea?’     'Pound For The Proper Plastic Problem'

You will be helping to buy the equipment needed to put our projects into action,  helping us to make a difference. We were unable to plan any events currently due to COVID-19. We look forward to 2021 as hopefully events will resume which allows us to grow for now, collect donations and gather the equipment ready for 2021. Allowing us to carry out our events safely cleaning up beaches and rivers.


Our founder and director of My Blue Heart - Marine Conservation is the very passionate Rebecca Ounsworth.   
My Blue Heart now have two trustees and four advisers.  
Click here if you would like to learn more about our Trustees and Advisors. 
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