My Green Heart - for all your eco-friendly, vegan, spiritual, meditation and mindfulness products

Protecting Earth  •  Respecting Animals  •  Connecting Souls

We are all going through an awakening.  We are waking up to the realisation that everything on this planet is connected and the damage we are doing to the planet is ultimately damaging to us.

More and more people are looking to what they can do as individuals to help the planet, save animals and connect to their true being.  Too many of us live stressful, rushed lives and mental health issues are at an all time high.  Taking the time out to look after our own wellbeing and being mindful is so important.

At My Green Heart our aim is to make it easier for you to shop for eco-friendly, ethical, fair trade, sustainable, organic, recycled, plastic free and vegan products. 

As well as products that protect the planet and respect animals, we also have a range of products to help connect to your soul.  Supporting mindfulness and wellbeing.

Supporting mindfulness with a large range of spiritual, meditation and yoga products

We hope that together we can lead the way in a new future for our planet and our children, starting with the way we shop, the products we buy and use and the food we eat.