How To Donate

Remember you can donate as little as '60p for the sick sea' or 'Pound for the Proper Plastic Problem'
If you would like to DONATE to My Blue Heart - Marine Conservation simply click the link below:

My Blue Heart thank you for your donation, we appreciate every penny that is donated.

What will My Blue Heart spend the donations on?

My Blue Heart are a non-profit organisation, all money raised will be spent on:

  • The equipment needed to put all the projects into action, following all health and safety standards.
  • Public liability insurance and any other insurances needed.  
  • Funding regular litter picking days on beaches and rivers.
  • Funding My Blue Heart Beach Clean events.
  • The equipment and literature needed to attend festivals, fairs and fetes through out the year.
  • Courses, education and licences needed to organise events safely.
  • Time, transport and passes needed to carry out site visits and educational visits (e.g. schools).  
  • Funding the production of eco-friendly products that help the environment.