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The brands we work with share our goal of working towards a greener future, by using only the most natural of ingredients and recyclable/biodegradable packaging.  We also try to hand pick UK companies to reduce the carbon emissions of shipping/air freighting the products to the UK, as this can also have a negative impact on our planet.

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Our products aren’t just vegan, or cruelty-free, or made by people paid a living wage, without using plastic, parabens, SLS, phthalates or triclosan. 

They’re all of these things. 


We are delighted to have been awarded The Green Parent Natural Beauty Award 2019.
The Green Parent Magazine are very passionate about recognising the good work of companies whose heart and soul is poured into creating wonderful ethical products.



Actually natural
Not all ‘natural’ toothpastes are what they claim to be. Many still use synthetic ingredients like SLS and Triclosan – that we end up ingesting. At Georganics, we only use pure, natural and organic ingredients for all of our products. This means that we are able to look you straight in the eye when we tell you that this is oral care done naturally.

All of our products are hand-crafted in small batches. They are made from natural ingredients that are sourced as locally as possible. Our packaging is specifically designed to produce no waste to avoid clogging up landfill sites. This way, you can take care of your oral hygiene safe in the knowledge that you are doing well by the planet.

Where possible, all of our ingredients are ethically sourced and organic or food grade. At the heart of our business is our impact on the planet so we keep our environmental footprint low. We do not test on animals, and most of our products are suitable for vegans. Our sense of fairness also stretches beyond our products, as we are proud to be a living wage employer.



Do you know the feeling when tasting something really delicious, (it could be a dense chocolate brownie or a peanut butter rye bread sandwich, ripe mangoes or freshly picked berries) and you just have to share that goodness it with everybody, so that they can enjoy as much as you? Yes! When we discovered yoga and meditation we felt exactly like you, when tasting something beyond good, we just had to share these practices with you!

Will Fisher and Malene Vedel started Complete Unity Yoga after being shocked that the majority of yoga and meditation equipment available was plastic heavy, poorly made and lacking style!

We are dedicated to YOU our customers and worldwide community and will continue to enrich lives through the medium of our products and yoga retreats. Thank you for reading and being you!




We started out as friends working together, trying to do our own little bit for the environment and that grew into the site you see today! 

Here at EcoVibe, we believe that living a more environmentally friendly life should be made as easy as possible.

We thoroughly research all products before putting them on sale, so that we can offer you the most sustainable items currently available on the market. 


Products we use I Ingredients we source I Footprint we leave behind

We offer only the highest quality products to nurture your skin.


Organic Ingredients

Hand-crafted Natural Blends


Zero Waste





As a company we are conscious of our impact on the planet. Recent television documentaries have inspired a culture shift which has brought the war against plastic to the forefront of our minds. We are only too aware that our beautiful oceans are awash with plastic and horrified that over 18 million tonnes of waste are thrown away in the UK each year, much of which is unrecyclable or non-biodegradable. Our legacy for generations to come.

Thanks to education and social awareness, we are all making a conscious effort to ‘do our bit’ in our homes, recycling our waste where we can and considering our plastic use and here at Something Different Wholesale we already make a conscious effort to use biodegradable bubble wrap and recycled cardboard in our packaging. We continuously work with our suppliers to educate them on environmental impact and support them as they review how they pack our goods using less plastic and more sustainable material

At Something Different we proudly support several charities and social projects around the world. These causes include the RSPCA Llys Nini branch which receives a minimum 20p donation for every item sold from our exclusive Paws and Claws range. At Something Different we’re committed to purchasing products that are produced with fair working conditions, safe production facilities and fair pay for workers. Look out for our ethical sourcing sticker on our products.



A staggering amount of waste is created every day and the environment is paying the price. Polluted water, sea life swimming in plastic and deforestation terrorising wildlife.

Our founder Tom started Plastic Phobia while at university to do something about these problems. Sustainable buying is achievable. We send out orders in zero waste packaging and a tree is planted per order. Our charity partner plants fruit tree farms in Africa and trains locals to manage the farm with sustainable practices.

The actual products are designed to be re-usable or to break down easily. It’s lots of small easy changes that add up and reduce our footprint on this planet. For really we are only overseeing this planet until we pass it onto our children.



Our products are 100% natural, certified organic, toxic-free, cruelty-free, gluten-free and vegan.

We pride ourselves on manufacturing sustainably crafted products with a low carbon footprint, consciously contributing to our planet's conservation. Long revered as a symbol of longevity, strength, tenacity and flexibility, bamboo is a prime resource for our sustainable beauty. Our packaging, made from controlled harvested bamboo, is stylish, elegant and durable. The powders, leaves and oils extracted from the bamboo plant, are used in all of our products for their beauty and health qualities. Our innovative bamboo refill system increases our commitment to sustainability and the cost-effectiveness we pass on to you!

Zao follows an ethical and sustainable approach to living in harmony with nature. Looking beautiful should not compromise your health, the health of animals, or the health of the planet. Since your skin absorbs up to 60% of what you put on it, we will never, never use toxic ingredients in our products. We believe that everything necessary to look beautiful is contained in nature!

Developed by a passionate team dedicated to healthy lifestyles, we use pure ingredients and natural pigments, silky textures, subtle and stunning colors that will smitten you. Our makeup performs beautifully, lasting throughout your busy day, while it nourishes, renews and rejuvenates your skin. Zao is committed to offering products with flawless formulas with ingredients of 100% natural origin. Without petrochemical derivatives or synthetic preservatives, Zao products are healthy for your skin.




The uk's first waxed food wrap to be registered with the vegan society

We are pleased to announce that we are now registered with the Vegan Society. All of our ingredients are completely 100% vegan, we use GOTS certified organic cotton, low impact dyes and completely recyclable packaging. Every aspect of our wraps has been thought about, tested and the ethics, supply chain and life cycle has been at the forefront of our minds all through the development of our wraps. So you can be safe in the knowledge that no harm has come to any living creature during the manufacture of our Vegan Food Wraps.




We are dedicated to sourcing beautiful fairly traded products from the far corners of the world, embracing traditional artisan skills. We are passionate about ensuring our products where possible are made from environmentally friendly, sustainable and recycled materials.
Child Rescue Nepal - Namaste has been supporting Child Rescue Nepal for almost
20 years. Child Rescue Nepal frees children from slavery. There are 5.5 million children in the world today who are trapped in slavery or similar practices. We contribute a percentage of all purchases we make from Nepal to Child Rescue Nepal. To find out more about the charity visit


PHB Ethical Beauty is a pioneering British family business with a revolutionary range of award winning ethical beauty products. We're home to the world's largest range of Natural, Vegan, Cruelty Free & Alcohol Free (Halal Certified) beauty products. Our skin, hair & body care products are handmade in the UK and we DO NOT test on animals. We are also palm oil free!

As brand creators we want our products & our business to inspire every person who uses PHB, and we want to show you that Plant Powered Beauty is the way forward!

We also intend to use PHB as a platform to raise awareness about ethical issues that arise in the cosmetics industry such as the relentless use of animal derived ingredients, animal cruelty, plastic micro-beads and the destructive use of Palm Oil

 20% of Net Profits go to Charity 





The Zero Waste Maker had its beginning in January 2018, created by Oktavia who is a costume maker by day. She made it her mission to source unwanted fabrics that would have been destined to go to landfill.

It is our firm believe here at The Zero Waste Maker, that fabric is a beautiful and valuable resource that deserves to be used to its fullest potential possible. Therefore we recycle any fabric we get, made from various different fibres to ensure there is no unnecessary fabric waste. Aesthetic and thoughtful design are of great importance to make every product beautiful and a joy to use and more importantly to RE-use.

We also make products from organic cotton to provide piece of mind for our customers with sensitive skin and other needs.





Living Naturally, the 1st Soapnut Apothecary in the world! Award-winning, Biodynamic Skincare, Haircare and Laundry Soap for sensitive skin, created with certified organic wild-crafted Soapnuts.

Both our children had eczema, and at the age of 2 our oldest was diagnosed with Autism. In our case, we learned that we needed to keep it simple. We did this by eliminating certain foods and toxins from our diet and our lives, trying to live a more mindful and cruelty-free life and teaching our children about how and why to make these choices.

As part of our radical (to some) natural lifestyle change, we were introduced to Soapnuts as a possible solution for eczema by a few family members, and began using them to clean everything in the house. When we saw the eczema getting better we realised how amazing these ancient soapy fruits were!

We founded Living Naturally and started selling soapnuts in 2009. We knew we couldn't be the only ones looking for a more natural, organic, biodegradable, hypoallergenic, sustainable and an environmentally friendly answer to cleaning the house, clothes and everything else in between.

We have since developed a wide-range of award-winning vegan soapnut product lines, which are produced by our family-owned business based in the UK. We have combined a real need and love of what we do, expert herbalist & skincare knowledge, and Ayurvedic principles to create these products.





Hi! We are Alina and Bogdan Gruia. 2 individuals passionate about the world we live in. We love walks, bike rides, boat trips, pretty much anything and everything that involves us not being inside. During a recent family holiday we realised that everywhere we go, there is rubbish. And all of it is plastic packaging. This changed our lives instantly. We know that this is not sustainable anymore and if we don't do something, we will drown in plastic and all the things we love, will be gone SOON!

So we started changing the way we use plastic and packaging. This lead to this idea of trying to convince more and more people to re-use and refuse as much as they can, and if they have to go single use, at least to use natural, compostable or recyclable materials.

Join us in our journey to try to reduce the amount of single use plastics used in our lives.





Here at Bygone Bags we have designed a unique range of hand-crafted, stylish bags and accessories made without using animal products, using Cork Leather as the primary material.
Cork Leather is a 100% natural, Vegan and Eco-friendly material made from the bark of the Cork Oak tree that is waterproof, stain resistant and very low maintenance, it is a perfect alternative to animal leather. Cork looks natural and you can feel the sustainability radiating from it.






Founded in 2008, Ecoegg has built its success on providing innovative and effective, laundry and cleaning products to both the UK market and worldwide.

Our hero product is the ecoegg Laundry Egg which is a complete replacement for laundry detergent and fabric conditioner but works without the use of harmful chemicals. Our Laundry Egg contains natural mineral pellets that naturally lift away dirt without fading colours or leaving chemical residue on clothing.

Perfect for even the most delicate of skins, both the ecoegg Laundry Egg and ecoegg Dryer Eggs have held Allergy UK’s ‘Allergy Friendly Product’ award since 2011. We are proud of our Queen’s Award for Enterprise for Innovation which we were awarded in 2016.






The idea for elmkind came about some years ago.. Emma & Alex were already running an Eco-friendly cleaning company in Devon 'CleanEco' at the time (and currently still are) the company needed to buy in a lot of plant based, earth friendly products on a regular basis to keep up with the work. They took a good look at everything they were buying in and were quite shocked to realise the amount of plastic that comes with buying 'Eco-friendly' products, even if you buy concentrated refills in bulk which they did, there was no avoiding it! 

They thought there must be a way of still having the ecological products but without having to contribute to the stockpiles of plastic we have on this earth already... and if they couldn't find a current solution and a way around this, then they were determined to create one.

They sought out alternatives to plastic bottles and weighed out the pros and cons of each available material, as well as searching for the very best local organic, natural ingredients and both agreed that they would only use the most environmentally friendly resources that are currently available, paired with only natural ingredients to make their final products, so that ultimately they could make their cleaning company have as little impact on the earth as possible... and in steps 'elmkind', kind to the environment, kind to our homes & kind to our families using them.


The current range of available products not only smell amazing but also work incredibly well and look extremely stylish in the home too. #Winning!





As a company who puts the environment first, our values play a great deal in the manufacturing of our natural rubber flip flops. But, what exactly are the values that make Waves a company you can always trust?


In case you hadn’t realised, we’re a caring bunch here at Waves. As well as looking after you and the environment, that caring nature guarantees that we put ethics at the heart of our production processes. That’s why we source all our natural rubber from Fair Trade Sri Lankan rubber farms and we are certified by the Fair Rubber Association. When you buy a pair of our flip flops, you can therefore rest easy knowing exactly where they came from. On top of that, customers can feel good in the knowledge that every single Waves purchase supports Sri Lankan rubber farming communities, allowing them to achieve sustainable and safe livelihoods.


Environment, Comfort, Provenance

Did we mention that we’re big on the environment? It’s kind of our thing actually, and our natural rubber flip flops are championing the cause.

Nothing’s worse than a pair of flip flops that cuts your toes in two within seconds. We understand your pain, which is why we also create flip flops with customer comfort in mind.

We care a great deal about where our natural rubber comes from. That much is evident in our focus on fair rubber production, but it’s something we prove again with our values of provenance. Every single one of our flip flops is sourced from Sri Lankan rubber trees. That natural rubber is then treated and crafted into flip flops for your feet to enjoy. Not only does that guarantee ethical sourcing, but it also means you can always rely on the high quality of our flip flops.





Sintra Naturals Logo


We provide you with a nature-friendly way to love your skin to the fullest.

Sintra Beauty is a sustainable company that creates products that are effective, nature-friendly, and suitable for all-skin types, even sensitive skin. That’s because we make sure that all the ingredients we use are high-quality and collected from natural sources. From soaps to body butters, we are proud to offer you a range of products that will never fail in soothing and nourishing your tired skin!





Zero Waste Path Logo


At the beginning of 2016, I (Bianca) decided to try to create less waste after reading an article about US blogger Lauren Singer and her trash jar. Giulio decided to join me in this zero waste life attempt just a couple of months later, and when we moved in together shortly after, we committed ourselves to try to live as sustainably as we could. This does not mean that we do all that can possibly be done - rather, we believe that as perfection is impossible, doing your best with what you have and what you feel comfortable with is the way to go!

Along the way of this journey we started making more and more of our products, and as we learned more about ingredients, processes and materials we started flirting with the idea of opening an online shop.

One of the main drivers behind Zero Waste Path is that it is usually very hard to find information about the waste that happens before a product gets to the consumer, and this is also true for many sustainable products. We therefore decided to create a company that wasn’t zero waste and sustainable only in the final packaging, but all along the production chain. We are huge fans of transparency, and we share all of our waste, practices and decisions on our  our Instagram and Facebook pages, and here on our website!

Since the opening of our company on February 2018 until approximately 6 months later, we have both worked on it relentlessly, while I was pursuing my Master in Environmental Sustainability in Edinburgh and Giulio was working elsewhere. Now that I'm done with my Master Degree and Giulio has started his PhD, I am running ZWP full time with the support of our awesome ZWP team! Of course, still having Giulio's support and help in his free time.

We don't outsource anything - we manufacture all of our products in our workshop, we carefully select our suppliers and take care of every aspect of what we do. This is because we prefer to have direct control over as many aspects of our company as possible, and because we want to invest every earning in making more and better products and in providing a better service to all of you!  In addition to this, as both of us are vegan and zero waste (well, trying!), you know that we will spend our profits in a responsible way with a focus on sustainability, human and animal welfare!




You're So Kind Logo 


We are a social enterprise, we make sustainable, ethical hand wash and donate 100% of our profit to five charities in the UK. 

The world can sometimes seem a terrible place, the gap between rich and poor keeps getting bigger, climate change threatens to end life as we know it and more people are taking their lives between the ages of 25 and 45 than are being killed by accident or illness.

With so much power in the hands of a few people and institutions, it's natural to sometimes feel powerless, and so we want to empower you.

We've founded You're So Kind with one goal in mind: kindness, to yourself and to others.

Our products are ethically made, and we source the best organic ingredients so that you can also be kind to yourself. 

By changing your buying habits, you can ensure that profit is going to the right place, to those most in need.

 So make a small change, You're So Kind.





Very few people know it, but last year marked a somewhat dubious 30th anniversary: the birth of the modern single-use “paper” cup. In three short decades, we estimate that over 3 trillion of them have ended up in landfill. Oh, in case you’re wondering, that’s 3,000,000,000,000.

The average lifespan of a single-use cup is less than 10 minutes – and due to their plastic content less than 1% will be recycled.

So, in what could only be described as the understatement of the century, in 2014 we felt there was an appetite for change!

That’s why we created Ecoffee Cup.


In this enlightened era, it’s never been easier to Choose to Re-use.




The Compost Bag Company strives to offer the general public products, which are more sustainable than the available alternatives, both in terms of their origin, production and disposal. Within this framework, the company develops concepts around different application areas, which increasingly focus on maximum convenience and hygiene.






Zureli is a global B2B marketplace for 

Sustainable solutions and Green technologies 






We’re Lisa and Luke, and together we created Huski Home. We want to contribute to the collective movement towards a sustainable future by creating products that will eliminate the need for existing and single-use plastics. We believe that everyone has the power to create a brighter future and through small changes in our everyday lives, we can see a renewable world in our lifetime.

Our travel cups are unique because they are created by recycling rice husks. Why rice husks? Great question! Rice is harvested in mass quantities throughout the world.  When processed, the sheer volume of husks causes issues as how to properly dispose of it as rice husks, if not ethically discarded, can be a biohazard. 

This is why we've created a way to recycle rice husks into a durable, reusable, non-toxic material.  We use this material to make our cups, lunch boxes, and soon we will be creating new household items.




We are developing skincare alternatives that are 100% organic. They contain no Parabens, BPAs, Aluminium Salts or any other nasties of any kind.

Our focus is on developing products that are better for you and really work. We don’t use bulking agents or any unnecessary ingredients and our products are pure and organic, so a little goes a long way. Meaning we can use less packaging too. We never use plastic and our packaging will always be reusable, then recyclable or compostable. 

We are a vegan company. We don't test on animals, we never have, never will. We're against animal testing and the use of any animal products including beeswax and we're also palm oil free.




The original idea to create a natural deodorant started in late 2016. Courtney, our founder, read a number of articles about the potential harmful effects of aluminium salts in deodorant and decided to make the switch to something more natural. He also realised that almost all deodorants sold each year are in single-use plastic containers.

He decided to try and ‘scratch his own itch’ and simply make his own deodorant. That would solve both the problem of unnecessary chemicals his deodorant, and the single-use plastic problem.

After months and months of testing and experimentation PITT BALM was born. With final sign-off from friends and family we were ready to go into full production. Since then, PITT BALM has gone from strength to strength and is sold throughout the UK, Europe and North America.