About Us

Hi, I'm Emma and I am the founder of My Green Heart.

I'm a mum of 5, (2 are my step children) and up until the end of 2019 I worked in a well paid office job.

If we rewind a little, it was in August 2018 when I had a spiritual awakening. My old beliefs and perceptions of the world changed significantly.
Suddenly I was very aware that all life on this planet (and arguably, in this universe) are all connected. That the world doesn't belong to humans but instead we belong to the world. All of nature is as much a part of the planet as we are and we should be working in harmony together.

As humans we strive to find the illusive source of happiness. Well, I had a realisation that happiness is not something to be found externally through sensory pleasures but instead can only be found within each one of us.
It was at that moment that I changed my perspective. Instead of chasing money, holidays and material things, I decided to do what made me feel happy on the inside. That's when I came up with the idea for My Green Heart and quit my office job!

I wanted to make it easier for others to shop more consciously.  I wanted to know that whatever you bought from my shop would help towards saving and protecting the planet.

My Green heart opened in Feb 2020 and I have been running it by myself (with a little help from my family and friends), however as a small start up business, I need all the help I can get!

To help support me and my vision of My Green Heart I would ask you to:

  • Share us on Facebook, Instagram, twitter or LinkedIn
  • Like our pages and posts on the above mentioned platforms
  • Shop from our store
  • Give feedback on what you like and what you don't like so we can improve

I am trying to grow and also trying to give back where I can. My Green Heart currently supports 4 great charities:

  1. My Blue Heart Marine Conservation
  2. Sheldrick Wildlife Trust
  3. One Tree Planted
  4. Eco-Cart carbon neutral orders

Once My Green Heart has grown enough to turn a profit I will look to give 100% of our profits to a charity so please keep supporting as much as you can

Much love


Protecting Earth  •  Respecting Animals  •  Connecting Souls

At My Green Heart our aim is to make it easier for you to shop for eco-friendly, ethical, fair trade, sustainable, organic, recycled, plastic free and vegan products.  As well as products that protect the planet and respect animals, we also have a range of products to help connect to your soul.  Supporting mindfulness and wellbeing through yoga, meditation and spiritual products and gifts.

We hope that together we can lead the way in a new future for our planet and our children, starting with the way we shop, the products we buy and use and the food we eat.



Thank you for visiting our online shop and supporting us on our vision.



Look out for these easy to follow symbols throughout our shop:


Sustainable, biodegradable,eco-friendly, ethically sourced, fairtrade, organic, plastic free, recycled, vegan friendly




My Green Heart, PO BOX 853, Gillingham, ME8 1ER