Save the Coral

Save the Coral

Recent events have created a bit of a smoke screen to other important news as of late. As seen in this picture, masses of coral in iconic destinations have been experiencing dramatic coral bleaching, as a result coral death.

 It's just coral... I hear you say!

Coral is home to millions of different fish and not to mention fundamental to our own survival. Coral protects our coastlines from storms and wave actions. Coral offers great protection to millions of marine life right down to the very tiny tiny organisms. Coral assists us with the carbon and nitrogen fixing, something we definitely need. Coral bleaching is caused by an increase in the ocean temperatures, which is from the devastating carbon pollution that we all produce.

2016 - 2017 the Great Barrier Reef experienced back to back bleaching 29% of the reef died. In 2017 a further 20% of the coral reef died, this devastation has continued. Now in 2020 global warming has been consistently progressive, people are changing their habits but not nearly enough. If we all work together to use eco-friendly products and make eco-friendly life choices in time the planet, the oceans and our health will heal. 

More needs to be done, little changes make a difference.

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